Pain Management

Pain Diary App

Pain Diary App

An App which will run on Android phones and tablets. It performs two roles:

  1. Provides access to all of our patient information leaflets, many of which are accessible as audio files in a variety of languages.
  2. Implements a pain diary where you can accurately record pain scores and associated activity. This information can be viewed in a graphical format and easily downloaded.

Available from Google Play (the Android App Store): PAIN DIARY APP


  • Ms Camilla Young, Admin
  • Dr Moutaz Burwaiss
  • Dr Colin Rae
  • Dr Alan Hope, Webmaster (Jet5)
Android App
  • John McCulloch

Department of Computer Science
University of Strathclyde

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Chronic Pain Education Group

  • Dr Colin Rae, Lead for MCN Chronic Pain
  • Dr Moutaz Burwaiss, Chair, Education Subgroup
  • Ms Camilla Young, MCN Coordinator
  • Ms Lyn Watson, Nurse Representative, Education Subgroup
  • Ms Lorna Sempell, Physio Representative, Education Subgroup
  • Ms Catriona Clareburt, Pharmacy Rep, Education Subgroup
  • TBA, Patient Representative