Pain Management

Multilingual audio, visual and print resources to assist patients and clinicians in the management of chronic pain. Maintained by consultant anaesthetists involved in chronic pain management in the West of Scotland.


  • Ms Camilla Young, Admin
  • Dr Moutaz Burwaiss
  • Dr Colin Rae
  • Dr Alan Hope, Webmaster (Jet5)
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  • John McCulloch

Department of Computer Science
University of Strathclyde

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Chronic Pain Education Group

  • Ms Camilla Young, Admin
  • TBA, Patient Representative
  • Dr Moutaz Burwaiss, Chair, Education Subgroup
  • Dr Colin Rae, Lead for MCN
  • Ms Lyn Watson, Nurse
  • Ms Catriona Clareburt, Pharmacist
  • Mr Fraser Bell, Physiotherapist
  • Dr David Craig, Psychologist